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              ABOUT US

              In flourishing an 21st century such as life, develop, innovation become century theme.Chinese enterprise want get long-term development, must put and get off and thinks oneself, orients in global economic background; China want become modernized economic powerful country, need and grow up blow one world-class enterprise as soon as possible too, It is Weihai clothing duty-bound mission and responsibility of import and export corporation, textile of city, too if this is China goal of economic development! Weihai costume import and export corporation, textile of city, of today, relies on first-class management , miscarry in the product, high quality services, first- class team , With clothing, maos of shirt, fabrics and drawnworking in four major pillar industries of the product for the foundation, Strengthen one's own key competitiveness constantly, from internationalization of the marketing to internationalization that is manufactured, Internationalization to reach capital operation, introduce a Chinese brand with international competitiveness to world during the process of improving the body andculature constantly and then! In the future Weihai clothing import and export corporation, textile of city,, need and set up real internationalization of meaning under global economy background, In the integration with international economy and culture, establish world -class Chinese enterprises!